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January 12, 2011

We J. Harrison Excavating & Pipeline Ltd. are pleased to have participated in the 86 unit Wolfe Island Wind Mill project in 2008/2009.

Working on this project from start to finish – Tower/Base excavation, building access roads, removals of access roads and cleanup upon completion has allowed our company to gain the experience and gather information required to adhere to the strict timelines to get a green project up and running.

Given our knowledge and past work experience with subcontractors, suppliers and trades people not to mention we have an extensive amount of equipment and a granular quarry on Brandon Rd in Loyalist Twp we feel we could be an asset in assisting with future projects.

We would greatly appreciate consideration when choosing a contractor for the next phases of construction.

Below you will see photos during construction.

If you require any additional information including references please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Brad Harrison
Vice President
J. Harrison Excavating & Pipeline Ltd. Wolfe Island Wind Mill Project Wolfe Island Wind Mill Project

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